Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Presents--Knit Bolero-Style Cardigan

Three skeins of the antique rose (see a few posts down, where I report on 19 skeins of yarn bought for $5). This is the "Bolero Style Cardigan" from the Crystal Palace yarn site. It's one of those origami style patterns, where one knits one rather ungainly piece that is then folded into shape, and held together by a neckband. The horizontal lace pattern of the back is twisted up into a vertical pattern on the front.
Don't make it, though. The pattern is so badly written that it's nearly impossible to tell how to accomplish this, with nothing at all said about where to sew, and how to form the neck. I finally resorted to writing to the designer, who didn't answer. In desperation, I just finished it by trial and error (and ripping). I actually changed the buttons after the picture was taken, to some bigger, flatter ones, which hold it all together much better than these metal ones. It's for one of the girls. Size 40 across the chest.

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Barbara said...

For all your frustration, it's pretty though. I like it even though it's pink (not one of my faves). How can they not print directions right? It always amazes me.