Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine Tie for My Honey---Rummage Sale Yarn

I bought some yarn a few weeks ago at a Lutheran Charities sale. Three small bags of vintage sock yarns for a quarter a bag! I think I went a little over $20 for the year with this purchase, but only by a few cents.
The yarn used in this tie was wadded together and tied with string. It was a skein and a half skein of "Bucilla 3-ply fingering yarn", 100% wool, loden green heather.
Ricardo has been mourning the loss of his favorite tie, which he bought years ago during a long stay in Portugal, and recently ruined in a greasy food mishap. As I am less than eager to hand wash socks, it seemed like a better idea to use this yarn to knit him a tie for Valentine's Day. It was quite a success---he loves the tie. (I got flowers, which are sitting in splendor on the dresser right in front of me, still looking fresh and beautiful!)
Some tips on tie-making, if any of you are interested: 1) don't be taken in by patterns that are knitted flat. I've tried many different tie techniques, and the only successful knitted ties I've made are knit in a tube, then steamed flat. 2) The only yarn that seems to work is sock weight (fingering), wool or wool and silk. I use #1 dpns, knit the bottom part in a texture pattern (here, in moss stitch), then change to stockinette for the neck and back, reducing the stitch count in half at the neck. Yes, there are lots and lots of stitches, but most of the tie is only about 20 stitches around and goes quickly. Also, You really can't use synthetics and get a nice flat blocking job. 3) leave the bottom open until the tie is blocked. The tie will often stretch quite a bit, and you will want to shorten it by a few inches. 4) keep another tie nearby as you knit, and measure them often against each other. Ties are picky. 5) unfortunately, I've never successfully crocheted a tie. Even with thin yarn, it's too bulky and doesn't drape well.
If anyone wants me to write down the pattern, just let me know.
Hope you all had love in your heart, this week and always!


Sasa said...

OK - I think we must have a mojo link or something . . . I was looking for a tie pattern the other day!

I found several, but all sounded very confusing; all kinds of shaping, and then lining with a piece of fabric - UGGG!! Personally, I would love to have your pattern as it sounds pretty simple.

Barbara said...

Now that is the epitome of knitting! Holy cow, what an undertaking. I am not showing this to Durwood or even mentioning it to him. I will knit him a sweater or hats or gloves, but I will not knit him a tie. That's just too much. It is beautiful though and looks handsome on Ricardo.

rita said...

You're amazing! I love the tie. I once sewed one, but I think a knit one would be a lot nicer.

My husband lost his job in November, so we're on a tight tight budget. Fortunately I have a HUGE stash!!! I told him that it would come in handy some day; I'm still not sure that he believes me!