Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This Week OTN: Blankets!!

I've been making blankies. This one is almost done. It's an overlapping scallop pattern, made with doubled baby yarns. With the complex pattern, the color changes, and holding the yarn double, it's a bit taxing, but I've been trying to do two bands a day. Nice and big, though, and cheerful looking.

The second one is done. It's a round pattern I found on ravelry, crocheted out of TLC baby yarn. Not as big as I'd like, though, but fine for a newborn and fun and easy to make.

The last one is something I've been adding to all year. I call it the "neutrals afghan". It's just a large granny square. I'm 41 rounds into it, and need about 60 rounds to have a decent sized throw. Now that it's getting larger, I need larger amounts of each yarn to make the circuit. I think I've used about 11-12 different yarns so far. The last five or six rounds will be off-white, so that will take the pressure off somewhat. It's going into hibernation until I can find some additional neutral-colored yarns (beige, ecru, cream, gray, silver, etc.) It's actually much paler than in the photo.


Ann said...

I love the round blanket! And I'm impressed by your tenacity with the giant granny square. The thing I love about granny squares is that they're generally small--I think a huge one would confound me.

Barbara said...

I made my kids giant granny square afghans for long car rides, but used a size Q hook and 3 or 4 strands of worsted at once. And I quit after about a dozen rounds. That's quite an undertaking you've got there. Love the scallops and the round newborn blankie.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors of the granny square one...I've been planning on making one similar for a while now