Friday, November 27, 2009

Filigree Bowl--Cotton Thread Doubled

If you're like me and always wanted to make one of those crocheted doily bowls, this pattern is for you. It's the "Filigree Bowl" from the Coats and Clark website ( It's meant to be made with a little heavier thread, and I was able to double up on the #10 bedspread cotton from my stash. Using an F hook, it took an evening to make. The hardest thing, actually, was finding a bowl of the right size to use as a mold. You stiffen the crocheted fabric with sugar water or commercial stiffener and shape it over a bowl covered with plastic wrap. A few days later: voila! A fruit bowl. It really sets up as hard as glass. Very magical.
One of the girls is getting this for Christmas.

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Barbara said...

Oh, how pretty that is! Lucky girl. My great-grandma made gorgeous doilies but I don't think she ever made a bowl.