Monday, November 16, 2009

MRI Potholders

Ricardo had to have some lengthy tests at the hospital, and I wanted to sit with him. So, I needed a project small enough to fit into my sweatshirt pocket. The night before the tests, I rolled some cotton into small balls, stuck a size G plastic crochet hook through one, and stashed them away in my pocket.

These potholders were the result. During the morning hours I made the lacy tops out of some scraps of blue and pink. During lunch and the afternoon session I crocheted solid backs. That night, while we watched TV, I crocheted them together and did the fancy business along the edge. I got four done--three square and one round. Two are already grubby.


Barbara said...

Ooh, pretty. A great way to pass the time waiting on medical tests. I cast on and knitted half a sock with worsted yarn before and after my gall bladder surgery. What? They thought I'd sleep? Sleep is for sissies. I seem to remember knitting as they rolled me into the operating room, but maybe that's a dream.

Amanda said...

I've just recently (re) learned how to crochet, and would love this wee pattern, very pretty!

rochard said...

Thanks, ladies! Amanda, I'll try to write it down and get it to you. Things to make in an evening are so satisfying.