Friday, January 30, 2009

A Pattern: Felted Roses--A Lisa Ponytail Holder

Felted Roses
Worsted weight wool, about four yards
Size J crochet hook
Hold yarn doubled. Chain 26. Hdc in second ch from hook, then work two dc in next 22 ch. Work sl st in last chain, to bring yarn down to bottom. Twist into rose, using yarn ends to secure bottom.
I felted these in my salad spinner, in the sink. Just fill the spinner half-full of hot water and a few drops of detergent. You can get good agitation. Rinse under the tap, squeeze out and dry flat.
I made a round circle for the base, leaving a 3 stitch hole on each side. You could use a rectangle, also. The base is also felted.
The stick is made from those free take-out chopsticks (which also make fairly nice knitting needles). I cut off about two inches, sharpened the point slightly in the pencil sharpener, sanded it to remove the rough bits, then stained it with furniture polish.

I now have a number of felted roses, to add to purses or whatever. It's a good way to use up small bits of wool.

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Sasa said...

LOVE IT!!!!! It's just perfect!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!