Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Pattern: Incredibly Simple "Buttonhole" gloves

Here's Ricardo, acting silly in his incredibly simple, worsted weight, fingerless mitts. (Project 2 from the thrift shop yarn bag.)

The story behind this pattern: First, Grandson #1 wanted camo fingerless gloves for Christmas, so I made those properly, with a lovely thumb gusset and fingers. Then, my sister Debbie wanted a pair to wear at work, but just with a band along the top, so I made those. Then, Ricardo wanted a pair, but with no thumb, and "tighter to the hand." Sigh. Thus, the buttonhole mitts were born.
They turned out to be surprisingly cute.

Simple Worsted-Weight Fingerless "Buttonhole" Mitts
Size: Your average guy.


Use any worsted weight yarn, and #5 DNPs or "magic loop"
I used a partial skein, but they take very little yarn---probably 1.5 oz.
CO 48 stitches
Rib in K2, P2 for eight inches (at this point, you could make it into a sock!)
Knit a simple buttonhole: Bind off five stitches at any point, and continue row. When you circle around to the gap, CO five stitches and continue row. When you circle around again, knit and purl those five stitches in ribbing pattern, being careful to get as tight as you can so as not to create too big a hole (any hole will even out in a few rows.)
Continue 2X2 ribbing for two inches.
Switch to K1,P1 ribbing for six rows, and bind off.
That's it! A tube with a hole.
You could add a stripe of some sort to the wrist, so it's easier to tell which way is up when they are off.

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Barbara said...

Thanks for the pattern. I'm addicted to fingerless mitts.

I just love your blog and the patterns you invent.